A passion for public service and the drive to “be the change you wish to see in the world” are the two undeniable forces that led to Chatura De Silva’s decision to run for local office. In fact, it has been the reasons for many of the charitable efforts, community projects, and non-profit organizations that Chatura has committed to his whole life. 

Mr. De Silva was born in Sri Lanka and immigrated to the U.S. with his family when he was just 3 months old. His parents worked multiple jobs to ensure him and his two older sisters were able to attain the best education. Their family was the epitome of immigrants working hard around the clock to make ends meet and to chase “The American Dream.” 

Their dream unexpectedly turned into a nightmare in 2010, when Chatura’s mother was tragically killed by a Marine drunk driver. Chandrika physically left behind her husband, two daughters, her son, and grandchild. However, the devastating incident and her legacy continued to live on through the incredible dedication and service of her family. 

Mr. De Silva had always followed in his father’s footsteps with sports. He was inducted in the Beverly Hills Middle and High School Hall of Fame. He went on to complete the Ironman Triathlon among other impressive athletic accomplishments. However, giving back to the community that supported and guided him through the passing of his mother became the forefront of his passion. 

This newfound passion has led to Mr. De Silva extensive list of charitable efforts and community service. In 2012, Chatura was appointed as the Public Relations Officer for Sri Lankan Youth Organization (SLYO) – a leading youth non-profit in the Los Angeles area. Through SLYO, Mr. De Silva was able to lead various projects including building libraries for rural schools in underserved villages of Sri Lanka. He then went on to launch his own non-profit organization – Project Pursuit of Happiness (Project POH) in 2013. 

Other notable charitable efforts of Mr. De Silva include:

  • Provided clothes to Favelas in Brazil 
  • Provided goods and clothes to children in the Bahamas 
  • Established connections to creating funding projects in Haiti 
  • Sent container of relief good to mudslide victims in Sri Lanka
  • Fed over 1000 Homeless people during the holidays 
  • Worked with the Midnight Mission to provide food, live music, and hygiene packets to 500+ homeless 
  • Created a leadership day – where he sponsored 20 foster boys and provided them with: haircuts, backpacks, Nike shoes, food, and most importantly motivational speakers to inspire the youth
  • Established exposure and hosted Vigil for Easter bombing victims of Sri Lanka
  • Worked in UCLA emergency room during pandemic, COVID 19

For all these projects, Mr. De Silva was fully leading, executing, managing the budget, and ensuring the success of each event or service. In doing so, he realized his passion to not only serve but work with different groups of people from various backgrounds for a common goal – making the world a better place. 

This is the primary reason Mr. Desilva is running for LACCD Seat #3. Chatura truly believes that each person has a story that has defined them and hopes to use this to make the community a more accepting and valuable place for future generations and to ensure each child has the means to accomplish their “American Dream”. 

Mr. De Silva graduated from California State University, Northridge with a degree in Psychology in 2014 and currently resides in Northridge, California. Outside of public service and sports, Chatura enjoys aviation, traveling, and spending time with his growing family.


I think music is so important. These are the songs that got me going and reminded me why I’m doing this. It’s my passion to serve the people. I hope you get the same message or better from these vibrations. Much love