"I am committed to helping our community, I have been on the front lines helping the people and the youth. By being on the board of trustees it will give us the platform needed to address the issues of our community and find solutions which are already embedded within us and our community.

Outreach – Help increase enrollment rates into community colleges not just universities, by reaching out to youth in the communities and making them aware of the benefits of higher learning. That entails creating a welcoming culture and fun atmosphere as well as providing them support to follow and achieve their dreams.

Start to Finish - Completion of college start to finish - creating incentives, financial assistance and building stronger staff and student relations.

Technologies – We will work toward adopting new technologies and make them accessible to all students. This prevents over enrollment in classrooms and gives professors the flexibility to teach more classes. Online courses also open up more classrooms and certified programs that require hands-on learning and work.

Sustainability - LACCD needs to establish an initiative that will promote zero waste by 2030 which will utilize recycling, waste to compost and the professional disposal of hazardous material which will ensure a clean and safer environment for all communities.

Increase Ethnic Study - Increase Classes for Ethnic studies department to educate communites of the importance of diversity and culture

Push for Courses in Crytpo Currency, AI, Automation, Blockchain, Social Media Development. We need to modernize and adapt to current standards

Students deserve meal tickets and discounts to local businesses around campus. Students deserve incentives to further their education. Incentives to use public transportation.

Foster Youth - Create Programs that support the foster youth after they are emancipated

Chatura De Silva believes that every family deserves a meaningful education and a peaceful life.