My Beliefs

Why I'm Running

My name is Chatura De Silva and I respectively ask for your vote this November 3rd, 2020. I have been working with the homeless population and foster youth for over 10 years now. It has been a pleasure to be able to serve Los Angeles community, I do it as a hobby. Over the years working with the community I have come to learn certain facts, which has led me to where I am now. I  learned that within 18 months of being emancipated Foster kids are consider homeless, and what bothered me was that there was no programs in community college system that provided assistance not only for foster youth, but any youth attending community college. More than 4,00 kids are emancipated each year in California. As the first tier of higher education and in most cases the foundation of many students degrees around the world, the Community college needs to take care of its community. That includes families with one parent, foster kids, kids with disabilities etc. I knew that this was a problem that we can address and fix. If we were to create assistance programs for foster youth and not just foster youth but any youth that is struggling this would give our communities the economic boost we need in the long run, and by programs I mean incentives to encourage them to finish school – book vouchers, national park memberships paid, discounts to local businesses or programs that provide housing and food vouchers. Change can only be accomplished by those who believe in that change. I am a firm believer that our educational system needs improving and I am willing to do the necessary work in order to see that improvement. We need to improve our sustainability practices, we need to have facilities and hazard waste management at community colleges so it adds to the eco-system the college brings to the community. As I look more and more into this I started to realize there is a lot of issues that we can fix, but at the rate we are going we will have more problems than solutions, You can see this with the growth of online courses provided by privatized companies. Even google is offering 6 month courses that would lead to a well paid job. To me the Community college is like the coral of the sea in the sense it’s part of a ecosystem, when it fails everything around it does too. If we don’t make progressive change in a timely manner, it’s just a matter of time of time before community college is out the door and diminishes. I’m running because I know what we can do to adapt to our modern times, but still hold the traditional values the community college means to its city. We are one the largest community college systems in the world. Everyone looks to us for adaptation and change. we should be the epitome of foundational education. Community college should be a viable option and not someone last. I can change that. We lacked the infrastructure and online capabilities to better be prepared for Covid -19 and we can’t let that happen again. Looks I believe we have been doing well, but we can be doing great. The success of others is also just as important as my own success which is why I am dedicated to helping our students achieve their goals in education and life. I care about the well being of other individuals and I genuinely believe that we are all deserving of greatness. My mindset motivates me to encourage others to believe in themselves and work hard for their belief. I am grateful for the opportunity to speak up for our students and faculty and fight for their needs. The board needs a young, solution driven voice to be heard. Our future of tomorrow is depending on the students of today.  I will prioritize their needs and ensure that progress is made. I stand for what is right and I stand with our students and faculty. That is why I am running for LACCD Seat

  1. Reaching out Minorities, overlooked communites, as well as LGBT community and people with disabilities. No one should be discriminated against in their pursuit of higher education.
  2. Reach out to middle school and highschools – Dual Enrollment is when they can take a course at a Community college campus or online that could possibly go towards college units
  1. Make sure Students are provided incentives to help them complete their AA and go onto State school or University
  2. Providing College students with job and work fairs
  3. Encouraging Groups and Sports on campus.


  1. We need to adapt to modernizing technologies.
  2. Offer courses that provide jobs at a modern level. Here are just a few examples for courses:
    • Blockchains
    • Cryptocurrency
    • Drone construction and flight
    • Social media Marketing
    • Web design 
    • App development
    • AI
    • Virtual Reality programming/Video games
  3. State of the art equipment
  1. We need to prepare our communities and student for preserving the earth. That includes implementing Efficient and up to standard energy-efficient equipment on campus for facility
  2. Executing Projects in a timely manner so your tax dollars aren’t wasted.
  3. All 9 Campus Zero Waste by 2030 Initiative
  4. 80% of Campus Facility Vehicles Electric by 2030
  5. More Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  6. Campus Gardens 
  7.  Push for Recycled landscaping water
  1. Teachers need the right tools.
  2. Where are the discounts?
  3. Teachers need access to health benefits that are 2nd to none in the standard.
  1. Offer state of the art classes that would modernize or education to fit the structure of adapting technologies and jobs
  2. Get us an LACCD Robotics team.
    1. Make education fun! create opportunities.
  3. Create Accelerated degree and certificate programs Taught by LACCD staff. 
  1. We need to invest more into Ethnic Study classes
    1. African American studies
    2. Asian American studies
    3. Hispanic and Latino studies
    4. Jewish American studies
    5. Native American studies
    6. Multi-cultural studies
  2. By understanding the cultures our community has it give us the opportunity to better understand each other. 
  1. Mr De Silva is the only candidate who is willing to create a scholarship to help provide resources and funding for 3 college students a year. 
  1. 6% of Foster youth apply to college
  2. 4 % get into college 
  3. We need to create programs that support Emancipated youth and give them the resources and support to help them graduate
  1. The LACCD should take into consideration the mental well being of the students
    1. We need to create more programs that counsel and support students to over come the stressors of being a student and member of their community
  1. Covid-19 is new to many of us, but that shouldn’t stop us from being better prepared and informed of protocols.
  2. We need quicker adaptation to online programs and pursuant of higher educations during times like this.